Pursuit of Happiness
3 (FED, Central Bank & Currency)
  • The Federal Reserve (FED) is owned by private monopolies, not the U.S. government
  • Conspiracy theory has it that the FED had JFK assassinated (he signed Executive Oder 11110 that would have taken FED’s control of the Monetary Policy of the U.S.)
  • Central bank controls the interest rates, prints money, and is the last resort of our banking system during financial crisis.
  • Central bank have total control of foreign exchanges & gold reserves
  • China and Europe also uses the Central bank
  • FED has full power of U.S. currency
  • FED bought out AIG (took a 85 billion dollar loan)
  • The Treasury department had to help FED sell bonds to help deal wit the loan

note: Why is the Treasury issuing U.S. government bonds (or debt) to fund the FED when itself supposedly “the lender of lender’s last resort” created to fund the banks and the federal government?

  • U.S. currency is backed up by oil, backed up by NOTHING
  • FED advanced money to JPMorgan to buy Bear Stearns (investment bank) for pennies on the dollar.
  • China & Russia switched from the dollar to the new gold system knowing the dollar system will fail soon. gold is the new financial system

note: U.S. currency value steadily decreasing while gold is rapidly increasing

  • 100% of FED shareholders are private banks
  • FED can get money from congress without congressional approval by engaging in “open market operations
  • FED makes billions if not trillions of dollars for its shareholders
  • Interest rates designed to accumulate 10 times the sum of loans

"If the Fed were actually a federal agency, the government could issue U.S. legal tender directly, avoiding an unnecessary interest-bearing debt to private middlemen who create the money out of thin air themselves. Among other benefits to the taxpayers. a truly "federal" Federal Reserve could lend the full faith and credit of the United States to state and local governments interest-free, cutting the cost of infrastructure in half, restoring the thriving local economies of earlier decades." -Ellen Brown

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